My name is Catherine

I help people use conscious breathing as a starting point and as the vehicle to bring about change...change in how they see themselves, in what could be possible, and in the ways they experience spirit, body and life.

I am a breathwork coach...

A beginning

I had my first breathwork session about 10 years ago... it set off a new trajectory for decisions I made about how I wanted to live, and how to realize my vision.

The breathwork helped me feel energy in my body as palpable experiences; often I felt sensation right where I once had a physical injury. The body stores memories of injuries, both physical and emotional, in the depths of its cells.

By learning to work with my breath, I learned to trust my body again and was finally able to move through emotions that I had long locked down...the cause of my panic attacks and a distorted, unhealthy perception of myself. It allowed me to safely confront and release the energetic blocks created by past experiences. By practicing breathwork, I moved through pain...both physical and emotional.

Opening and expansion

The breath brought me back to awareness of a healing energy reunited from within and outside the human body. The flow of energies meet in the nose, the mouth, the heart, and the mind.

The energy in each inhale has the potential to reinvigorate our aliveness; each exhale has the potential to release old stories and patterns saved in the cells in the body. Some memories plant a belief in our subconscious that becomes an obstacle to having the life we desire, or manifest in our bodies in a painful way. When we release these blocks, we enjoy a new experience of freedom.

With breathwork, a space opened up for me to expand into a new experience of that was determined not by my past, but by authentic choice. I continued my development in private sessions, professional training at the Philadelphia and New York Rebirthing Center, as well as other breathwork workshops. Today I help people use their breath to tap into the mind-body connection, practice mindfulness, and manage the stressess of daily living as well as that of extraordinary crises.

This is now

I lead breathwork workshops, and work with people one-on-one to create change, whether they are coping with depression, anxiety, or stagnation. I teach stress management and emotional support to techies, cancer patients and their caregivers. I am also working closely with specialists to design technology that will support an individual's goal to use breathwork for self care.

I teach people to breathe fully into their bodies and to change thinking patterns. I help them rediscover magical thinking and reconstruct their sense of self worth. The way we see our world inevitably impacts the future we create...and we do have the power to create. Each day, we self actualize.

These tenets form the foundation for my work:

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  • Ipsum
  • Dolor
  • Compassion
  • Self Perception
  • Transformation

Private sessions

Although I teach a variety of breathing techniques, I believe the deepest work happens in a series of one-on-one Conscious Connected Breathing (aka Rebirthing Breathwork) sessions. This technique is often physically activating, and there is an increased awareness of feelings and sensations occurring in your body. But you may find yourself in a meditative state or deep relaxation. It’s not what most people think of as meditation. The intent is not in trying to clear your mind; rather you allow whatever to come up just be.

What do you need?

A breathwork coach facilitates sessions in which you are supported to experience the enhanced breath and its effect on your body in a safe atmosphere. I help you in processing challenges with a multitude of tools, until you feel equipped enough to support yourself. The choice to be supported in a private session is an act of self compassion. Learning breathwork to clear energetic blocks is an act of self efficacy.

Rebirthing breathwork: $120 per session; $500 for 5 sessions.
Mindful breathwork: Sliding scale

Contact me

Please feel free to write me here. Let's talk about the breath. Schedule an appointment for a session. Ask me about upcoming breathwork workshops. How best can I support you?

Praise for the work

Testimonials from some of the wonderful people I've worked with...


“Catherine has truly altered my life in a way that can never fully be repaid. Her gentle soul and open mind were great vehicles for me to achieve all I did, in relatively little time. The tools she has given me and helped me to hone in this rebirthing process have made me a better person and a stronger person, albeit a work in process...I could honestly go on and on about this experience I shared with her along the 10 sessions; no two sessions were alike, and ranged from incredibly painful to incredibly miraculous experiences, without any exaggeration. I have and will continue to honor and share what I’ve learned, refer her to everyone I can, and be grateful for the tools I can use on my path.”


“My sessions with Catherine have been incredibly powerful and, as someone who’s been doing breathwork for quite some time (on my own, and with other coaches), having Catherine as my navigator stood out significantly for several reasons. Her guidance, intuition and insight, which I find instrumental in getting the most of my experiences, are key. It’s as if Catherine has a “sixth sense” as she effortlessly taps in to emotions with gentle suggestions, while at the same time, she will call you forth, drawing out your most fierce courage in ways that will delightfully surprise you! Catherine will meet you where you are, expertly holding the space while she provides clarity around challenges and new possibilities. You will start to notice new and wonderful perspectives creep into your daily life, thanking Catherine in the back of your mind, thanking yourself for showing up in life, and looking forward to your next session.”


“Catherine is the most chillaxed person I have ever known. I did a breathing session in a hotel room hours before my flight back to Hong Kong and I don’t know why but I cried through the breathing and then felt so much lighter afterwards. Needless to say, ANYONE can benefit from learning to breathe, and Catherine Man is gentle, patient and kind and will guide you through it!”

Thank you

I hope to connect with you soon!